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Paul Fraley lends his radio imaging talents to Top 40/CHR, Hot Country and Rock/Alternative radio stations. What sets him apart, is his youthful & creative style which brands radio stations and establishes a unique sound and identity. He delivers broadcast quality liners, stingers, bumpers and original character voices for his program director clients; giving a variety so there’s lots to choose from and give the editor a chuckle in the process

Radio imaging is his favorite type of voiceover and hopes that it comes across in his work. Thanks for taking the time & feel free to send a message to start a friendly dialogue or reach out to Hoss Management. 

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Radio Imaging Voiceover | In The Know

vintage radio with speaker for radio imaging hero

Radio imaging plays a crucial role in shaping the identity and brand of radio stations, serving as the recognizable signature that distinguishes them from competitors. Think of the popular JACK FM branding – it’s irreverent, punchy and commonly known. Plus beyond mere entertainment, radio imaging consolidates the station’s image, slowly creating listener loyalty over time. In today’s social media driven times, stations can use their radio imaging to enhance the station’s visibility across many different channels. 

With carefully crafted scripts and engaging voiceover talent, stations can infuse their imaging with personality, emotion, and energy, thereby forging deeper connections with listeners. These voiceovers not only convey the station’s vibe and values, but also serve as memorable catch phrases or jokes for audiences.


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