Compelling voiceover is key to successful online videos

As YouTube dominated the online video space, the Explainer & Branding video quickly became a cost-effective way for established (and new) brands to reach a broader audience. Perhaps biased, the voiceover is a key ingredient in making the message more enticing. As a voice artist, I’m always thankful when a client shares a working draft of the animation and music bed – it helps me envision the overall tone, pacing and “feel.” For example, seeing a graphic can cue me to ease into a sentence while it slowly fades to black or if you have quick flashes of imagery, a staccato delivery can help punch the emphasis of the words.

One of my favorite branding videos that I voiced was for EPIC Listen Here – not only did it celebrate sound; the sounds of life and environment, but also that of the human voice. The motion graphics are so beautiful and I can’t help but feel proud of the message conveyed. With any project, my goal is to “tell the story” – and my job is to find the ideal nook in the tone & keep the listeners ear.

Radio Imaging Voice Over

Paul Fraley’s approach to radio imaging is finding the unique point-of-view in your liners, promos and ID’s and giving them life. His background in improv strengthens his overall ability to play. In addition to his current, masculine tone, he also can voice his own flavor characters (heard in his demos), which will expand your production’s creative options. Inject your station with his fresh sound and strengthen listener loyalty!

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