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Paul Fraley brings an edgy, fun vibe to his rock & alt radio imaging voiceovers. He’s a go-to for an irreverent, sardonic & overall good time type of sound. He thinks of his VO, as part of your overall radio team – his goal is to deliver hassle-free, fun recordings for program directors.

In his demo you’ll hear his ability to play with copy & add an unexpected twist. He also can do character voices, so it will expand your creative branding options. Paul actually is an avid listener of alt rock and is familiar with many of the current artists. Feel free to reach out to him to request a sample audition and say hello.

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rock alternative album graphic for radio imaging voiceoverRock and Roll music has a rich and dynamic history that traces its roots to the mid-20th century. Emerging in the United States in the early 1950s, rock and roll was a revolutionary fusion of various musical genres, including rhythm and blues, country, gospel, and jazz. Pioneered by influential artists like Chuck Berry, Little Richard (highly recommend this informative documentary about his trailblazing career), and Elvis Presley, the genre introduced a new and electrifying sound that resonated with a younger generation.

As the 1950s progressed, rock and roll gained widespread popularity, sparking a cultural revolution and establishing itself as a powerful force in the music industry. The genre’s energetic beats, catchy melodies, and rebellious lyrics struck a chord with teenagers, setting the stage for the rock music explosion of the 1960s – both in the US and “across the pond.” Iconic bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Beach Boys ushered in a new era, expanding the sonic landscape of rock and roll and influencing countless subgenres. The power of a song to “bring us back” to a memory or time in our life is like no other. We remember what we listened to during a first kiss, on the dance floor at a wedding reception or simply driving in the car with our friends as teenagers. God bless Rock n’ Roll!


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