Elbit Systems: Military Equipment

Paul Fraley voiced this web promo for Elbit Systems, delivering technical jargon, while syncing the delivery to the visuals. The client needed a strong male voiceover to match the subject…

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BAI Retail Delivery 2013

Paul Fraley was the voiceover for a promo video for a financial retail conference, BAI Retail Delivery 2013.

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Unleashing the Warrior

Paul Fraley contributed a strong, male voiceover for this Promise Keepers 2014 promotional video. The intention was to keep the message earnest, while still accessing a deeper tone

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Primerica – Millennials

Paul Fraley was chosen to voice this promotional video targeted for a young adult audience - his ability to sound youthful and convey influence, scored him the gig. The task…

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The Summit Bechtel Reserve

Paul Fraley was chosen to voice a current promo for The Summit Bechtel Reserve, an adventure destination for the Scout community. He applied a cool, youthful tone that compliments the…

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