Dark Arcana: The Carnival

This is a trailer for the computer/app game, Dark Arcana. In the game, Paul Fraley is the voice of the Fortune Teller. This game is a HOPA (Hidden Object Puzzle…

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ILBtv Cable

Paul Fraley voiced this web commercial/promo for ILBtv - cable TV for Spanish audiences. The client wanted a dramatic, "trailer" voiceover read.

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Preo App – Order outside the lines

Paul Fraley voiced this web commercial aimed at businesses, which accompanied cool visuals of the app & an alternative music bed. His goal was to match the tone of the…

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Endless Pools

Paul Fraley voiced this web commercial for Endless Pools - it was an ad intended to play as a pre-roll on YouTube video.

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Preo – for app users

Following up on a similar Preo ad aimed at retail businesses, Paul Fraley voiced this web commercial geared to the customer.

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Spotify: The Wolf of Wall Street

In December 2013, Paul Fraley voiced a Spotify commercial which promoted a chance to win membership, while promoting the upcoming release of Martin Scorsese's, "The Wolf of Wall Street." 2…

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APUS Sports | Kettlebell

Paul Fraley lent his voice for a series of commercials for APUS Sports. The producer required a strong male voice over, with a bit of edge in the delivery. The…

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APUS Sports | Gym Ball

Paul Fraley was happy to lend his voice to a series of edgy commercials for the sports equipment company, APUS Sports. The cool graphics and intense music required an intense…

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Unleashing the Warrior

Paul Fraley contributed a strong, male voiceover for this Promise Keepers 2014 promotional video. The intention was to keep the message earnest, while still accessing a deeper tone

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A&W Restaurant – All Hands on Deck

Paul Fraley voiced this 15 sec TV commercial for A&W Restaurant, delivering a "guy next door" sound. A&W is one of the Nation's 1st successful food franchise companies, dating back…

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