Hot Country | Radio Imaging Voiceover

Hot Country Radio Station Voiceover Imaging

Paul Fraley brings a current, authentic southern sound to his hot country imaging voiceovers. He actually was born & raised in Tennessee, so he can deliver a realistic folksy sound without sounding like a stereotype. As you know, Hot Country music is current and hip, a vibe that Paul strives to hit when voicing for country stations.

In his demo you’ll hear a range of tones in his bag of tricks – from young & edgy, to a deeper gravitas. Listen for the character voices (he does those too). Thanks for your interest and feel free to reach out if you want to switch up and refresh your current branding or if you’re a new station establishing a sound.


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Hot Country | Radio Imaging Voiceover
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Hot Country | Radio Imaging Voiceover
Hot Country radio imaging voiceover summary for Paul Fraley, including an audio demo of his range.
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