Explainer Video Voiceover

Whiteboard & YouTube Instructional Voiceover

Paul Fraley brings a conversational, engaged voiceover to your explainer & whiteboard video projects. He can deliver a warm & professional voice over for your company intro YouTube videos or voice a youthful, edgy tone for brands geared towards Gen X & Millennial audiences. Overall, Paul aims to “tell a story” – which can be heard in his explainer demo. You’ll hear a range that can tap into a fun character, knowledgable guide and a voice of confidence for your brand.

Explainer videos are gaining popularity across the web, for their ability to encapsulate your message in a concise and visual presentation. All of the segments heard in Paul’s demo can be viewed in their entirety by visiting his client portfolio section. Paul can also help with any language and copywriting, particularly for international clients who want to appeal to American consumers with a natural delivery.


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