CHR / Top 40 | Radio Imaging Voiceover

Top 40/CHR Radio Station Voiceover Imaging

Paul Fraley delivers a fun, joyful performance for Top 40/CHR radio stations. His youthful & creative style help radio stations establish a unique sound and identity – creating listener loyalty. He delivers broadcast quality recordings for his programming director clients; often giving a variety so there’s lots to choose from for the final mix.

In Paul’s demo you’ll hear a current, edgy sound and he even voices flavor characters. If you need something quirky & different for the holidays, he can deliver. Radio imaging is truly one of his favorite genres and hopes that it comes across in his voiceover samples. Thanks for taking the time & feel free to send a message to start a friendly dialogue!


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CHR / Top 40 | Radio Imaging Voiceover
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CHR / Top 40 | Radio Imaging Voiceover
Summary of Paul Fraley's approach to CHR radio imaging, including his specialized audio demo.
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