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Paul Fraley delivers a fun, joyful performance for Top 40/CHR radio stations. His youthful & creative style help radio stations establish a unique sound and identity – creating listener loyalty. He delivers broadcast quality recordings for his programming director clients; often giving a variety so there’s lots to choose from for the final mix.

In Paul’s demo you’ll hear a current, edgy sound and he even voices flavor characters. If you need something quirky & different for the holidays, he can deliver. Radio imaging is truly one of his favorite genres and hopes that it comes across in his voiceover samples. Thanks for taking the time & feel free to send a message to start a friendly dialogue!

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Radio Imaging Voiceover | In The Know

top 40 and CHR album cover for radio imaging voiceoverMale radio imaging creates a lively and entertaining experience for radio listeners. The choice of a male voiceover brings a dynamic and engaging element to radio stations, allowing for the infusion of energy, humor, and charisma into the overall content. Paul uses his background in sketch comedy & improv to create additional “flavor” characters that add a fun dimension. He can convey a wide range of emotions and tones, from excitement and enthusiasm to wit and playfulness. His flexibility allows for the crafting of a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere that resonates with diverse audiences and demographics.

To get nerdy about it, through the strategic use of male radio imaging, radio stations can inject personality and relatability into their broadcasts, creating a connection with listeners. The distinctive qualities of a well-chosen male voiceover, such as warmth, humor, or a commanding presence, contribute to the station’s identity and help build a memorable brand – Paul Fraley does this in spades!  By incorporating entertaining elements in the imaging process, such as humorous scripts, radio stations can captivate their audience, transforming the listening experience into an enjoyable one. Whether that’s during rush hour traffic, surfing the internet, de-stressing or out on the town – radio imaging simply keeps the party going. 


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